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Smithfield Gardens Assisted Living

Current rental rates* for an apartment are $840 or $1,000 depending upon the amount of an individualís gross annual income.† The monthly rent includes the services listed on our Home page as well as the apartment amenities listed on Our Apartments page.†


The Meal Plan consists of three meals per day prepared by a professional chef and served in our Dining Room.† The current monthly cost for the Meal Plan is $465.† This amount is periodically reviewed and is subject to change.


Assisted Living Services as mentioned on our Home page are normally covered by DSS.**†


*Rental rates are subject to change each year.† Rates shown are current for 2018.


**In certain circumstances, individuals whose annual income exceeds $24,610 may be required to contribute to the cost of their assisted living services.† This determination is made on a case-by-case basis and can be discussed in more detail by our staff.


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Smithfield Gardens Assisted Living

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Professionally Managed by the Housing Authority of the Town of Seymour

28 Smith Street, Seymour, CT† 06483† Phone: (203) 888-4579

Smithfield Gardens Assisted Living is financed by CHFA